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Boarding students and Boarding fee concessions


Boarding students

Only schools accredited to enrol boarding students should complete this section.
Boarding students are students who:

The boarding student enrolment counts should be included at the school the students are attending rather than where the residential facilities are located.

Students to be included

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Students to be excluded

Boarding fee concessions

Data from 2022 only should be used throughout this section on boarding fee concessions, as it is the most recent data on the pattern of boarding fee concessions for a full year. All money amounts should be rounded to the nearest dollar.

The general aim is to give more assistance to schools that are giving concessions for reasons of economic hardship, as well as providing compensation for loss of income incurred through non-collection of fees (bad debts).

Concessions for other reasons must not be included. For example, schools may give concessions for church membership, for students who are children of staff members, or as sporting or academic scholarships. These should not be included unless there is also economic hardship.

For those schools where the boarding students are attending at another school, contact the NSSAB Secretariat for clarification in completing this section. This will be determined according to the agreement of fees and concessions administration.

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Last updated 31 January, 2023

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