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Students with disability (SWD)

A student with disability must meet the following criteria:

Note: All students enrolled at and attending a non-State school accredited for special education are eligible to be included as students with disability, regardless of whether the verification process is completed by Census Day. This does not remove the requirement for the verification process to be completed for all students with disability at non-State schools accredited for special education. If a student subsequently fails to meet the verification requirements, it is the governing body's responsibility to inform the Board and the department so that the data can be amended and any action necessary be taken.

To ensure a student with disability is eligible for inclusion in the Census, the student must be verified by Census Day (excluding students enrolled at and attending a non-State school accredited for special education whose verification can be completed after Census Day). Verification is the process of confirming that a student's identified impairment, and the associated activity limitations and participation restrictions, which require significant education adjustments, meet criteria for one or more of the Education Adjustment Program (EAP) categories. The verification has to be completed by Census Day and the verification cannot have expired. A student's verification will expire if it is not reviewed within two years of the stated review date.

Records of each student's verification under the EAP and the specific educational adjustments, which indicate the types of educational support services and resources provided, are to be retained by the school/governing body for a period of five years from Census Day, and in a way that ensures the integrity and security of the data and documents.

A student may have educational needs arising from disability in more than one category. In this case, a student with multiple disabilities should be included on one line only in the table EAP by impairment category, but with each disability category included across that line in the table.

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Disability categories for verification

Students to be excluded

The following students are not eligible under this program and must not be included as students with disability:

For further information, refer to the EAP Handbook published by the Department, or contact:

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Last updated 31 January, 2023

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